Monday, October 28, 2013

Beringer Vineyards

Probably one of the most visited, though not the most impressive, vineyard in Napa Valley.

Two types of tour available:

Taste of Beringer Tour ($40 USD per person)
Introduction to Beringer Tour ($25 USD per person)

The trick: 
You can walk-in without purchasing a tour and enjoy the same beautiful view as the other visitors' experience. Some area are restricted to paid tour. Wine tasting can also be individually purchase inside the winery. 

Entrance to Parking Lot


In House Shop

Like most other wine stores in the area, you will pay at premium for any purchase.

A little booth outside showing tourists the history of the Beringer 

For a period of the U.S. history, alcoholic beverage was banned except for religious purpose. You can read about how this winery survived through this difficult time. 

Wine Tasting

If you are really into wine experience, then pay a little premium to entertain yourself. The paid tour would include wine tasting. Not the most impressive selections you will get to taste. After all I don't remember what I drank that day.


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A Little History Background:

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